Use your resumes to find a job: Best Resume Tips

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's take a look at some ways to land an interview by using what you have learned about proper resume layout.

Cold Calling- When you're applying to an employer without knowing if they are hiring this is considered cold calling. This method involves identifying businesses where you think your skills may be needed, then applying via email with your cover letter and resume. As with other methods, it is important do some research on the company you are applying to and demonstrate your knowledge of their business in your cover letter. You'll also want to tailor your resume to that company by emphasizing relevant skills and accomplishments.

Career Sites/Job Listings- Similar process to cold calling, except you may need to follow a pre-defined application format. This may involve copying and pasting your resume onto their site or registering an account on their system.

Job Fairs- Fairly self explanatory. Remember that the resume you've worked so hard on will look even better printed on heavy, resume grade paper. Dress up and be sure to be confident. If your resume does what it's supposed to, they'll spend more than just 10 seconds talking to you.

Final Step- Apply

The first part of this step is easy enough. You've refined your resume layout, drafted a cover letter tailored for this specific employer, and are ready to email it off. Again, make sure you address it to the person you want to see your resume (NOT To Whom It May Concern). Do what you have to do to find out this information.

The second part of this step is what most people forget. FOLLOW UP. Again, the best resume in the world won't land you a job. Make a note on your calendar, in your cell phone, etc. to follow up on your application. See if they have questions not answered in your resume and let them know you'd love to speak in person.

The final part to this formula is "repeat". Keep applying, keep following up. Keep tweaking your resume. You will be able to use these resume and other tips to find a job, just keep at it. For more advice on getting an interview be sure to read our other articles.

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